The End of the Smartphone Era is Coming – That’s a Line From Someone Else’s Blog

“The End of the Smartphone Era is Coming” – the title of this blog definitely caught my attention. The end of the smartphone era, come on! That sounds ridiculous. And as the author of this blog acknowledged, many people disagree with this statement and I am one of those people.  I do agree with the author on one point, the smartphone will evolve. Into what I’m not sure. But, I’m 99% positive that it won’t turn into Google Glass computerized glasses.

Now these glasses are cool, very Total Recall, but I have a feeling they will be about as successful as 3D TVs – few and far between.  The power of mobile will not succumb to the allure of these glasses.  My main reason being, they cover your eyes and force you to focus on one thing, one thing!  This is unheard of in the age of the smartphone. Users want to simultaneously play Draw Something on their phone, watch tv, flip through a magazine on their iPad and FaceTime their friend from their laptop.  We can’t and won’t be siloed.  So don’t try to kill the smartphone with these glasses, simply redirect this technology – perhaps in the world of gaming…


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