Bike Repair Vending Machine!

One word came to mind when I heard bike repair vending machine; “Yessss!”  Bike Fixation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sells you parts from a vending machine in order to fix your bike problem, then provides you with the space and tools to successfully repair the problem. As FastCompany put it, brilliant!

Scenario: You are riding your bike along the road, about 20 miles from home. You get a flat tire. You pull off to change it when you realize, you forgot to replace the tire tube from your last blow-out!   Home is about 20 miles away, the closet bike shop is 30 miles away, both too far to walk to. No one is answering your calls to be picked up. But there is Bike Fixation just around the corner! At Bike Fixation you buy a new tube from the vending machine and replace it on the spot, using their tools and stand after you find out your tool set is rusted and won’t open.

This type of place is especially great for the casual ride who doesn’t bother bringing tools or extra tubes with them. Right now only one of these bike vending machines is available in the world, it is in the bike-friendliest city in America, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Rightly so, expect these to be popping up in only bike-friendly cities like, Portland, Boulder, Seattle, and New York, to name a few, once this company takes off! It’s the vending machine of the future, and I like what I see.  I would love to put one in St. Louis, but unfortunately, I don’t know of a convenient spot to put it…maybe in Forest park?

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