Do you have the Klout?

Spotify has opened their doors to American music listeners. Klout users with high scores were granted first access to Spotify.  Klout scores your overall online influence. If the user has a great Klout score, which in essence means you are a top influencer within social media, you could get a Spotify Premium account.

By teaming up with Spotify, Klout has self-validated their claims of finding influencers and generated a lot of buzz for their cause.  But I’m not convinced that their scores are an accurate measurement of your online influence. Klout scores range from 1 to 100, higher scores represent a wider and stronger influence. These score are generated using over 35 variables (clicks, comments, interactions, tweets, retweets, etc…) on Facebook, Twitter in three categories: True Reach, Amplification Probability and Network Score.

Yes, in essence, influence is having the ability to drive action from others, convincing them something is important. So I guess if someone retweets something you posted, you could be considered influential. But being influential is a pretty vague concept and like most things, influence is relative.

I have a couple of friends who are obsessed with increasing their Klout score utilizing simple methods like adding hashtags and links, mentioning each other in tweets,and re-tweeting each other’s tweet.. They have successfully increased their Klout score, but are they really that more influential now? Probably not, maybe within their small circle, but I think instead they have just created more action and Klout confuses this with influence.

Another factor that questions Klout’s measurement accuracy of influence is that my score says I’m influential about Zappos. I simply follow Zappos on Twitter. I have not mentioned them in my tweets or Facebook posts, and I’ve only shopped with them a handful of times in my life. I have no clue how I would be influential about Zappos.

So bottom line, be weary of those who throw their Klout score around and want you bow down to them.  Actual influence is harder to measure than with just a Klout score.  But hey, if it gets me one of the first American invites to Spotify, I’ll play along 🙂


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