Submit Your Resume With a Click of a Button

LinkedIn announced that they will launch a button, “Apply with LinkedIn,” allowing job seekers to submit their LinkedIn profile as a resume with one click. This is a huge step for LinkedIn and for job candidates. LinkedIn seemed pretty isolated, so by adding this feature and integrating into other company websites, LinkedIn is really breaking out of their bubble.  As a candidate this eases the process of applying for a job. You could potentially hear about a job while at a bar and submit your resume right there on your mobile phone.

Unlike a resume, your LinkedIn account is more personal – you can show pictures, link to your social media accounts, and add widgets to show your interests – a positive aspect. But unfortunately, unlike a resume, it seems that your LinkedIn account will be nearly impossible to market or tailor to a specific job or company – a downfall and my main concern.

Read more about this on Mashable.


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