Christina Perri: A Modern Artist’s Breakthrough

Full of emotion, charisma, voice, (and nice hair) musician Christina Perri shines as a new, up and coming artist. Perri moved to LA at the age of 21 in hopes of making it big in the music industry. In this quest, she supported herself by working as a cafe manager, playing music in her spare time.  This may sound like a common story for many artists, but here’s what separate’s Perri’s road to stardom: Perri didn’t get her break after handing out countless demo tapes to producers nor was she discovered playing in a local bar. Instead, she had a modern break-through; she was discovered when someone forwarded a YouTube video of her singing which she had posted herself.  Suddenly, she was debuting her hit, “Jars of Hearts” on the reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  This is a modern story that is becoming more and more mainstream.  Perri’s road to stardom now puts her in the company of  Justin Bieber and Arnel Pineda (the current front-man for Journey).

Regardless of how she made it, I’m liking the few songs I’ve heard from her… Right now I’m really digging this one, “Arms”:


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