Retailers Embrace Interactive Technology

In a recent fashion show in Vienna, Forever 21 used holograms in place of real live models.  The models walk the runway, climb up and down stairs, to finally dissolve into the background once their walk is complete.  The crowd was there to see Forever 21’s break through fashion trends, so why not use a break through medium to promote these trend to them?! This cutting edge promotion wowed the crowds and built up excitement for their new line! What more, to be invited to this event, customers had to receive an invite via Forever 21’s Facebook page.

This idea of using interactive technology is nothing new, however, its use is not in abundance either.  Back in 2007, during college, when I was working on a marketing campaign for a clothing store, Mexx, I was exploring holograms and other interactive media that could be tied into our social media strategy. The ultimate idea was the “Mexx Mirror,” it was basically a digital mirror that could scan your outfit so you could then e-mail it, Facebook it, and text it to all of your friends. It could also produce a hologram of you in that outfit, giving you a better idea of what you look like in the outfit. We were trying to make this brand edgy to differentiate it from similar US dominate brands as well as appealing to a hip and young US customer base that would get the brand’s European fit.  I haven’t seen this technology in any Mexx stores, so I guess it didn’t get picked up, but then again you don’t see many Mexx stores in the US…so maybe they should have picked up the “Mexx Mirror” 🙂

I can’t wait to see if Forever 21’s Hologram Fashion Runway will become the thing of the future or just another gimmick. One thing that’s for certain, Forever 21 will continue to push the envelope when it comes to advertising and promotion!


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