Clooney Films “Ides of March” on Miami University of Ohio’s Campus

On Miami University’s campus, thousands are currently celebrating Green Beer Day – a tradition that occurs every Thursday before spring break.  However, this year, Green Beer Day isn’t the only reason students will be skipping their classes.  George Clooney is on campus filming his new movie, “Ides of March.”  700 students will be skipping class today to play extras during the 12 hours of filming.

The film, based on an adaptation of the Broadway play, “Farragut North,” follows a young press spokesman, Ryan Gosling, as he goes on a presidential primary campaign tour with Democratic party hopeful, who is played by George Clooney. The newly built, Farmer School of Business building will play itself today and will be the site for the film’s Ohio Democratic Primary Debate.

Miami’s marketing is playing it smart and utilizing this opportunity to capitalize on free publicity. Since Miami is playing Miami, the marketing group tried their best to make sure every movie watcher knows this is Miami of Ohio. Prior to the filming, they created posters for various Miami clubs, placing emphasis on Miami University – which they normally don’t make a point of doing, and hung them around the building.  They also placed big, red ‘M’ stickers on all the garbage cans. In addition to the actual “product placement” in the film, the movie buzz has garnered an increase of positive publicity from the media.

This is a great opportunity to publicize Miami of Ohio and its highly ranked business school. I’m sure the marketing efforts will go smoothly, provided those who decide to participate in Green Beer Day do not embarrass themselves, as well as the school, by making a bad decision…at least near the filming.

[Pictures from Dayton Daily News]


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