Girl Talk Mash-Up, Break Down

Girl Talk AKA Gregg Gillis, Pittsburgh DJ, is one of the greatest mash-up artists. He remixes beats, hooks, choruses from popular songs and artists like, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, Beck, Rihanna, Barry White, etc…, to form his own incredible, ‘dance party’ tracks.  You might think this would be an expensive art form since to use other’s music he would have to pay them royalties, but Gillis gets around paying royalties by offering his music for free.  You can download his current album, All Day,  on the website, Illegal Art.  Instead of album sales, Girl Talk is able to support his passion by going on tour and playing sold-out concerts.

In a recent article by, they break down Girl Talk tracks from his album, All Day.  These graphics are a pretty incredible look into his music and what songs and artists are actually used, plus how many different artists and songs are used to create one new song.  He might just use a couple of seconds from a song, and you might not even notice from what original song it came from, but it makes a difference in his sound. In the article, it says Gillis is a former biomedical engineer; I can’t help but think how those engineering skills play a big role in making him the great artist that he is.

Check out all the track break downs, here.


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