Eat a Chiquita

Every morning I eat a banana and lately, I’ve noticed my regular Chiquita sticker has been replaced! So i went to investigate. This past summer/fall, Chiquita initiated a crowd sourcing marketing stunt for its brand design.  A bold move in wake of The Gap and Crispin + Porter’s Brammo debacle.  Unlike these, Chiquita’s crowd-sourcing effort actually worked.  Chiquita took a different approach and didn’t set out to completely redesign their old logo, instead they wanted others to create new stickers to accompany their iconic logo on their bananas bunches.  People submitted their own sticker design and then the public voted which were the best 18 stickers. Those winners got to see their stickers on bananas in grocery stores across the country!

This campaign did not receive  public backlash like other brands that have tried similar tactics. Here are some reasons why, I believe, this campaign succeeded: They made it easy for anyone to design their own sticker, making it inclusive to all. They made sure every sticker used the brand’s coloring in order to preserve their identity. They created their own website to support this crowd sourcing campaign, complete with a blog, design studio, a game, and a store.  It connected with social media.  The contest created a huge buzz for the brand which received lots of entries. And even though the contest is over, the concept is still going strong and you can still design your logo and get it printed on a mug or t-shirt.

*I should note, I could be a little biased…I use to cover my notebooks in Chiquita stickers as a kid 🙂

Here are two stickers I created:


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