Nicki Manaj’s “Pink Friday” Album is Released Today!

These past few months, my radio waves have been saturated with Nicki Manaj and she hadn’t even put out a full-length album yet. She’s been featured with artist like Kayne, Trey Songz, Sean Kingston and Lil’ Wayne, just to name a few.  In my opinion, she has out-shined each of these artists on all of the tracks, and that is why I’ve been anticipating the release of her first full-length album, Pink Friday.  The album was released today, November 22nd, and it was worth the wait, she even admits “the whole album crack you ain’t gotta skip a track” in her lead song, I’m The Best. The album is kinda schizophrenic, going from rap to R&B ballads, but that is exactly like Nicki’s personality – so it seems.  She has the ability to switch her vocals at the drop of a hat and has a couple different alter egos, Roman Zolanski and Barbie.  I prefer when she’s rapping, but I’ve enjoy the softer side of her too.

Below is the first song I heard by Nicki Minaj, Your Love.  This was back in July, 2010, and I’ve been addicted to her ever since. Enjoy 🙂


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