“It Gets Better” YouTube Project: Social Media for Social Good

During the month of September, teens Billy Lucas and Tyler Clementi both ended their lives as result of peer bullying about their sexuality. In the wake of these deaths, Dan Savage, sex advice columnist and LGBT activist, began the social media project, “It Gets Better.”

Savage and his partner sat down together in front of a camera and talked about their own experiences with growing up gay. They talk of their harsh experiences in high school but go on to discuss how it got better. They both survived the bullying and found happiness as gay individuals. Savage invited others to share their own experiences via video.

This campaign became successful in no time; the response and support is incredible! Public figures like Ellen, Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burn, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman (and the list goes on) have all contributed to this project.

While this campaign is directed at the LGBT youth, the core message is for all kids that are being bullied and don’t think they have a future, and that message is that “it gets better.”

The same social media outlet that pushed Tyler Clementi to end his life – his roommate streamed a video of Billy having a sexual encounter with another man, which resulted in Billy jumping off the George Washington Bridge – is now helping to promote and raise awareness to reach and help those struggling youth. “It Gets Better” is such a powerful and positive use of social media! I can only hope to see more of this in the future 🙂


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