Diamond Shreddies: Revitalizing a Brand Done Right

OgilvyOne Chariman, Brian Fetherstonhaugh, describes two companies that had successful comebacks with new platforms in which digital played a huge role in helping them bounce back.  IBM created the “Let’s build a smarter planet” campaign and integrated digital to do things they could have never done with traditional media. They started with television and then rolled into digital using websites, ipad and cell phone applications, etc…

Then there was a Canadian brand called ‘Shreddies’. This was a brand that, unlike IBM, really had no money to spend on traditional advertising, so they were cornered into digital advertising.  A simple idea, and seemingly stupid idea to some, helped boost sales 18% in the first year.  They launched a “new” brand, ‘Diamond Shreddies,’ which literally was the exact same product as before just turned the square on its side to create a diamond shape for packaging!  Using video from focus groups, they launched this “new” brand and made these focus group videos go viral.  I have to say these Diamond Shreddie videos are hilarious and entertaining.

Both cases show the great impact of digital, the creativity that can be inspired by digital, and the many outlets of digital in which the message can be delivered and channeled.  For a better look at each case, please follow this link and view the video:



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