Phoenix Loves St. Louis Like a Sunset

I’ve been waiting for Phoenix to come to St. Louis for about four years now; ever since i first heard their “It’s Never Been Like That” record. I finally saw them last night and let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait! Not only did I finally get to see this band perform, last night, I also got to see Phoenix conquer St. Louis at a sold-out show.

The Pageant was full of energy and cheers as the band opened up with “Lisztomania.” This crowd intensity would endure the entirety of the show, but how could it not when “Lisztomania” was followed by songs like “Lasso,” “Consolation Prizes” and “Long Distance Call.” One of the only times the crowd got remotely quiet was when “Armistice” finished and a white curtain fell from the roof, masking the front of the stage, the crowd was mystified. After a little bit of silence and picture-taking, a silhouette appeared on the curtain, it was of the guitarist and he began to play “Love Like a Sunset Part 1 and 2.” The band ended the set after playing almost every song on their 2009 album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” with “Funky Square Dance.”

The band took a short break and came back for their encore, beginning with a stripped down version of “Everything is Everything.” They wrapped up the night, rightfully so, with their first single from the “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” album, “1901” exploding from the speakers. The band ended the song, but it seemed like no one, not even the band, wanted to this night to be over; from the stage, the lead vocalist, Mars began walking toward the edge of the stage pulling an orange neon-lit mic cable behind him. The band started up again and Mars walked straight into and above the audience – from where i stood it was almost as he was walking on thin-air. All eyes were on him as he stood in the middle of the audience while the crowd sung, Mars fell into the crowd and surfed back to the stage to say his good-byes and thanks.

Last night, Phoenix proved they were worthy of having one of the best albums of 2009. Phoenix is not only a band of great musicians, but one of amazing and polished stage performers, too. Quality music with a priceless performance. Can’t wait to see them again!!


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